At Courts and Tribunal Services, we manage a diverse range of positions including Sheriff's Officers, information technology officers, lawyers and transcription typists.

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All of our vacancies are advertised on JobsNSW

Judicial appointments 

The Governor-in-Council appoints judicial officers on the recommendation of the Attorney General.

Vacancies for judges of the District Court and Local Court magistrates are advertised. Advertisements for New South Wales judges, magistrates and other judicial officers are generally published in major newspapers and online employment sites.

The appointment of judges to the higher courts and the appointment of heads of jurisdiction continue to be made traditionally following consultation with the head of jurisdiction and relevant legal professional bodies. (The head of jurisdiction is the most senior judicial officer of each court, that is, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, President of the Industrial Relations Commission, the Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court, Chief Judge of the District Court and the Chief Magistrate).

For more information, see judicial careers and statutory appointments.

Judge's associates, tipstaves and researchers

Positions for judge's associates, tipstaves and researchers are filled as required. Applications for any roles that need to be filled are made directly to the specific court.

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